Jacky Ko


About Me

I am an aspiring Product Designer from Northeastern University that wants to create products that matter. Product design is the synthesis of my two greatest passions: engineering and art. My engineering and design experience started at a very young age, but really developed during high school. I actively pursued engineering, creating and designing a range of projects including a robot that could play basketball, a liquid light display, an underwater ROV, a fully functional Segway, a 5ft tall set of speakers, and a cloud chamber to detect ionizing radiation. Along with the technical skills that I learned during this time, I also learned invaluable lessons such as the importance of failing (early, fast, and often), time management in ordering supplies, working as a team, leadership, and thinking from different perspectives.

Last fall, I interned at Farm Product Development working on injection molded and machined products in the medical industry. Earlier projects include work at Novartis Institutes of Biomedical Research, Aurora Flight Sciences, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, MIT Edgerton Center, and Kostas Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing.