Jacky Ko


Farm Product Development

I worked at Farm Product Development, a product development company focused on the medical industry, for 6 months from July to December in 2016 as a co-op. Over the course of the co-op, I designed and worked on various injection molded and machined parts from concept development to production.

The co-op allowed me to gain experience in higher volume manufacturing design. From the various projects that I worked on, I developed technical skills in GD&T, finite element analysis, design of experiments, 3d modeling, programming, and product data management. Furthermore, I was introduced to different approaches to design such as designing for manufacturability, assembly, and inspection.

The projects mentioned below are not descibed in detail due to proprietary restrictions. Some of the projects on the co-op were are not described due to pending patents.

Blood Sample Collection and Preparation Device

Fixture Design and Documentation

  • Designed fixtures to run tests that mimicked product assembly and product use.
  • Created documentation such as BOMs, assembly drawings, and part drawings.

Device Drawings

  • Applied knowledge of GD&T to create part drawings.
  • Used PTC Creo to create custom symbols and required datums.

Point of Failure Analysis

  • Developed and ran tests to determine leakages in collection device.
  • Characterized leakages under different pressures.
  • Analyzed squeeze rates from different users to determine typical use cases.
  • Wrote detailed testing reports to billion dollar company project leads.
  • Introduced the use of embedded 3D models in project reports to Farm.

Partial GD&T drawing of collection device (Top) and assembly drawing of a fixture (Bottom).

Motor Based Medical Device

Motor Control DOE

  • Ran tests with ESCON Studio software for maxon motor.
  • Created variable interaction graphs to describe relationship of variables.
  • Performed Multi-Variable ANOVA Analysis.
  • Examined standard deviation of variables.
  • Reported findings with conclusion and optimization suggestions.


  • Worked with vendors to get quotes and parts produced.
  • Made small machining adjustments on prototyped parts.

ANOVA analysis on power factor standard deviation.

Custom Wireform Surgery Device

Wireform could not be shown due to material confidentiality.

Parametric Modeling

  • Created a function driven 3D model for 9 critical parameters.
  • Allowed for easy creation of over 20 explored configurations.
  • Used 3D sketches constrained by master sketches and equations for complex geometry.

Finite Element Analysis

  • Performed FEA in ANSYS and SolidWorks to determine stresses, activation forces, failure locations, and factor of safety considerations.
  • Used ANSYS to generate results for different configurations with varying critical parameters and materials.
  • Optimized meshes to speed up analysis.

Manufacturing Research

  • Researched various manufacturing methods such as MIM (metal injection molding), multi-axis wire forming, wire EDM, and stamping.
  • Worked with sheet metal parts to simulate manufacturing.
  • Created CAD implementations of various manufacturing options.

Tissue Testing

  • Researched different tissue morphology for device compatibility.
  • Designed and assembled vacuum fixture for tissue hold-down.
  • Created a vacuum system with in-house equipment.

Vacuum fixture (Top) and an example of FEA conclusions (Bottom).

Company Initiatives

Tolerance Analysis

  • Taught myself Visual Basic (VBA) for project.
  • Developed a self-populating index page that generates individual TA stacks for easy readability and use.
  • Linked each TA stack to index page for information cross referencing.
  • Created self-generating diagram for visualization of tolerance stacks and determine interferences.

IEC 60601 Tipping Test

  • Designed a generic cart with variable COGs, caster, handle positioning for testing.
  • Created a worksheet capable of determining if carts will pass parts of the IEC 60601 instability tests.

Example of a visualization plot generated by the TA program.